How will my flyer look?

Your flyer will look identical to the Theme Option you pick.  Only difference is once you type and apply your text (info) it will then conform the text to fit nicely on top of your selected theme to make a flyer.  Just like the image shown below.  To see how UDooh works step by step click here.

UdoohScreenShot_1242 x 2208_New_5


Why is payment required before we can start designing?

Normally flyers cost anywhere between $35-$50 however we offer quality designs of your own personal selection for ONLY $5*. Providing payment first removes the possibility of thief though screen captures and other means. Although, we know that is not you, we have to protect ourselves and our great product. Which is why we only charge a one time fee of $5* per design!

What’s are the Service Fees?

When developing an app that requires payments such as UDooh there are third party card companies such as the one we use called Brain Tree, which allows us the opportunity to be able to offer you a great product to purchase.  That service charge is their fee.

Is it safe to put my card number in for payment and will it be saved for future purchases?

Yes, it’s safe.  Our third party company (Brain Tree) is a certified company and is registered with Brad and Dunn Street such as us (DCap Grfx, Inc. / UDooh App), which ensures that we are a certified company that will always respect and operate under federal law which permits.  No, your card number is never saved and will never be charged on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

What’s the “Remove Tag” Button for?

Selecting the “Remove Tag” option makes it so that the flyer is not tagged with our info “Designed by UDoohApp.com”.  If you do not select the “Remove Tag” option it will be an small tag that reads “Designed by UDoohApp.com.

What’s the “Download High Res” Button for?

Selecting the “Download High Res” option makes it so that once your flyer is saved to your phone it will be saved in high definition, which is really good for Print.  Otherwise, it will be saved standard which is still good for social posting and printing just not high definition.

When I type my text sometimes everything doesn’t fix in text area.

In some cases you have to abbreviate to shorten some of your content.  For an example, instead of writing “Wednesday” you could write it “Wed.” same for long month names such as “February” you could write as “Feb.”.  Also in the contact selection instead of writing “For More Information Call 999-999-9999”, it may be best to do “For Info Call 999-999-9999” or “Info: 999-999-9999”.

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